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Integrating Yubikey OTP with ForgeRock Access Management

Yubico  is a manufacturer of multi-factor authentication devices, that typically are just USB dongles. They can provide a range of different MFA options including traditional static password linking, one-time-password generation and integration using FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Universal 2nd Factor (U2F). I want to quickly show the route of integrating your Yubico Yubikey with ForgeRock Access Management.  ForgeRock and Yubico have had integrations for the last  6 years , but I thought it was good to have a simple update on integration using the  OATH compliant OTP. First of all you need a Yubikey.  I'm using a Yubikey Nano , which couldn't be any smaller if it tried. Just make sure you don't lose it... The Yubikey needs configuring first of all to generate one time passwords.  This is done using the Yubico personalisation tool.  This is a simple util that works on Mac, Windows and Linux.   Download the tool from Yubico  and install.  Setting up the Yubikey for OTP ge