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Open Source, Binaries & Celebrity Chefs

Working for an open source software company, I am faced with questions surrounding the open source approach and model in most customer meetings.  Many customers understand what open source is, or they think they do, but still want to know more. Open source vendors are now everywhere - Github, the social code repo, claims to house over 22 million projects.   That is a staggering number.  Many public sector and government departments, now have a preference to use open source vendors in their selection processes.  Some of the biggest vendors on the planet, are now the top contributors to the Linux Kernel - including IBM, Samsung and Google. So I think it is fair to say, that Open Source Software (OSS) is here to stay.  However, there is often some confusion around how a commercial model around OSS materialises.  I use the following little flow to emphasis some of the differences between open source and compiled binaries and the subtle differences between customization and configuration.