Provisioning Apps to OpenAM's Dashboard Service

OpenAM v11 has a basic dashboard service, that can be used to provide SSO links to internal and cloud apps, in form of a personalised portal or dashboard.  It is pretty simple to setup out of the box.

A question I get asked quite often, is how to manage the apps a user gets?  Can we provision them just like say groups within AD?

The simple answer is yes.  Once the service is setup for a particular realm and an app is assigned to a user, an attribute called assignedDashboard is added and populated on the users profile.

The assignedDashboard attribute, is an array, that can be manipulated just like any other on the user object.  The items in the array, are the names of the app given within the config in OpenAM.

The setup of the apps within OpenAM is well documented, but each dashboard app contains the necessary SSO link and any associated federation classes.  The name is what can be 'provisioned' to the individual user and stored on their user profile.

Within OpenIDM it is then fairly simple to add the assignedDashboard attribute into the provisioner configuration as an array, the native type of the items as strings.

One thing to remember, is that the assignedDashboard attribute is part of the forgerock-am-dashboard-service object class with OpenDJ.  As such, the forgerock-am-dashboard-service needs adding into the provisioner JSON file within the object classes that are to be synchronized on  the OpenIDM side.

To populate the assignedDashboard attribute in production, you'd probably use a business role based on a business characteristic such as job title, or manager or location.

For a PoC you could simply use a JavaScript transform rule to populate it.

With the sync.json you can simply drop in a transform to link to a JavaScript containing all the necessary logic that will interpret the users context to determine which dashboard apps to provision.  In this case, the country attribute on the user relates directly to what apps they see.


In this example, the getAssignedDashboard JavaScript, simply goes through a basic conditional, assigning values to an array of dashboard apps for that user, based on their current country.

OpenAM Dashboard Configuration -

The code for the above example is available here -