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Consumer Identity: Registration, Reconciliation & Approval

Most online digitization programmes require new consumers, customers or potential customers to register to their service.  Nothing new here.  You are obviously going to have to register, give away some contact information, probably enter a username and certainly a password, before you can gain access to a service or website.  In the C2C world, the main objective is virality - ie spread like a virus and get as many people signed up to your app or site as soon as possible. In the B2B and B2C worlds, there is a subtle difference - mainly verification or approval of the users attempting registration.  Many organisations, especially within the financial services arena (I'm thinking retail banking, insurance, asset management, share management etc) all require not only a strong level of authentication (OTP, biometric, MFA) but also a strong level of assurance or verification first. The above is an example of a basic flow that occurs during a self-registration process.  (Note I documented