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Power IoT Offline Authentication With OpenIDM

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an exciting buzz, for the many collections of previously dumb devices that are now gaining 'smart' status and increased network connectivity.  Whilst there is an increasing rush to make everything connected, not all egres devices can be on line all the time. Many IoT devices are small, even compared to the smallest of smart phones.  Many have limited memory, processing power and networking capability.  This can reduce the ability of the device, to interact with central authentication and authorization services over common approaches such as HTTP and REST. Challenges Without connectivity to a central source, how do devices authenticate users, services and other devices or perform policy enforcement point style use cases?  The requirement for offline capabilities forces many to look at cumbersome out of band syncing or caching approaches. JSON Web Tokens Asymmetric cryptographic solutions have been around for years and can provide many encryption a