OpenIDM Shell REST Client

I have recently updated the OpenIDM shell REST client to include pulling back access, activity and recon logs over REST.  The client helps with command line management of an OpenIDM environment by performing admin tasks over the REST interface simply via a menu system.  The set of scripts is just built on curl.

Download the .zip via Github or simply clone the repo.  To run, use ./ (which just acts as menu driven front end) or you can still call the scripts individually.  Make sure you configure your OpenIDM server settings and port.

User management is based on simple create-read-update-delete tasks, as well as doing specific attribute/value searches.

The recon menu allows you to run specific recon tasks, just by adding in the mapping name from the conf/sync.json file.  You can then drill down into the specific recon log entries to check for orphans or missing objects.

I will add more scripts as the endpoints develop.  For further information on the OpenIDM REST API take a look at the OpenIDM Integrators Guide.